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by Irno Vertak

'MobileArt' - autobiographical art made on a mobile phone + poetic text.      
It's amazing what you can get out of a mobile phone and a drawing app. Here's something to do on your travels.
Time that might be spent glazed over in a waiting area, shifting the numbness around on your seat, or just
mind-numbingly stationary somewhere, can now be spent sketching some stimulating snapshots from your day on your mobile phone,
and sending it to:

Are you an intuitive writer of stimulating text that would make for a lively coffee table read?
Send in your samples to accompany your sketches.

Suitable material will be considered for publication in the next edition of 'MobileArt'. Rewards offered per img.
The latest edition consists of some drawings and prose by J Del Parchment, a London art enthusiast and orginator of 'MobileArt',
plus exciting contributions from some new mobileart friends.
Try some on your next trip. No ipad, tablet, laptop etc. Mobile phones only. Happy doodling!

Paperback - 6.00

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Currently seeking contributors. contact:

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